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Morpheus3D Aesthetic Solution

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Morpheus3D Aesthetic Solution




│ Description │

MAS optimizes satisfaction in communication between the patients and doctor as well as maximum efficiency of workflow throughout the clinic.
Doctors can make effective diagnosis and prediction of realistic and progressive changes of before and after the plastic surgery for their patients.

│ Function │

* Objective view of patient’s facial features in 3 dimensions.
* Forecast of patient’s appearance after the treatment to increase Treatment consent ratio.
* Complete Analysis/Evaluation/Before&After report or diagnosis & marketing purposes.
* Optimize communication with your patients using 3D consultation.
* Maximum efficiency of the workflow throughout the clinic by saving time for consultation and providing routine work for nurses

│ Feature │

* Fast & Easy Scanning (Under 3 minutes to acquire 3D Facial Data)
* Complete Patient Data Management
* 3D Facial Analysis
* Treatment Simulation
* Superimposition with Various Viewing Options
* Compare Window
* Video Capture Function (Send AVI or MP4 files to your patients via SNS)
* Easy Consultation Function (Measurement & Evaluation of Before and After)
* Report (Complete print ready Analysis/Evaluation/Before&After report for diagnosis & marketing purposes)

│ Specification │

* White structured light LED / Space encoding / Scan Time 0.8 Sec
* Resolution : 1024*768, Texture : 24bit True Color
* Scan Area : 225*300mm, Dist. 650mm, Accuracy 0.1mm
* H390*W140*D240(mm), 3Kg
* Input : AC90~ 264VAC, 60W

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Morpheus3D Aesthetic Solution